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Thanks for bring me to your life! Before we head on to create your fun, please read the instructions carefully, this will help you to know me better and know Chalk family better!

Chalkapella Chalk Crayon is designed to be used together with it’s own product only …Yes, that means keep us together and DO NOT use chalks on other cloth material, then it will be hard to remove. Chalkapella chalk crayon is smudge-proof and upon washing, artwork will be removed. It will not stain other clothes during washing. Trust us, we will do very good job on Chalkapella products. Please use a damp cloth to remove artwork when correction is needed during your creation. With our T-shirt, you can start creating your own limited edition for all occasions, all year round! (we find it useful for family outing, New Year, Christmas , parties and at themed events )

Warm tips:

If weather / environment is very cold, chalk crayon might harden, and colour might not be as vibrant. In this case, don’t worry please~ just put the chalk near the heater or put them in the microwave for a second (xx) to warm up. This will help to maximum colour vibrancy. By the way, don’t forget to #chalkapella_au #chalkatee and share your story with us! We would love to see your personalized masterpieces☺

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