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To our dear friends,

Yes, we are Chalkapella Australia family, everyone calls us as Chalk family. Yes, we are coming now, Hurray, Hurray, Hurray for we are here!

Our range of Chalk products are fabulously chic, Eco-friendly and ever growing! See! We are also idea for personalized gifts. Watch out for more new original invention soon! It’s the time to create your own fashion style.

Let’s have a look our Chalk family members:

• Chalk-A-Tee Classic white short sleeves kids2

• Chalk-A-Bag

• Chalk-A-Special Seasonal Teechalkapella-coloured-edition-Koala

• Chalk-A-Backpack

• Chalk-A-Cap

• Chalk-A-Chalkchalk

• Chalk-A-Luggage

• Iron Sticker with Chalk-Chalk

To find out more details on these collections, please click on the website product collection button and also to find out more on the campaigns, please click on the website event button, we will see you there. Now, let’s have lots of fun ahead with Chalkapella!


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new new new

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